How to comfort your boyfriend in chat

While you may desire to spend every moment with your lover, there will unavoidably be moments when you must be away. Fortunately, messaging may be a fun method to keep things feeling fresh until your next get-together, if you can’t comfort him over a phone call.

Maintaining a sexy text exchange might be difficult, but here are lots of techniques that will make your boyfriend’s eyes light up every time he sees your name on his screen.

Send him a photo

Take a picture of whatever is going on. Of course, selfies are always effective, especially if you have a terrific hair day or a beautiful clothing. But, every now and again, flip the camera around.

Show him your lovely neighbor’s kitten, the breathtaking view from your lunch meeting, or some intriguing street art you saw on your way to meet a friend.

This will not only help start a discussion, but it will also show him all of the amazing, exciting stuff you have going on—which will only make him want to be around you more.

Praise him

Text him what you adore about him. If you truly want to make your partner happy, surprise him with an unexpected praise. Make it feel very personal by selecting something particular and one-of-a-kind to him.

Get flirtatious by complimenting his appearance, such as That shirt you were wearing today really showed off your toned arms.” I can tell you’ve been hitting the gym hard! “You look fantastic.”

Bring out his gentler side by complementing something about his personality. You have this knack of constantly making me feel better when I’m upset, say. You always say the correct thing!

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Inform him if something reminds you of him

Let him know you’re thinking about him. Do you ever worry if your lover misses you while you’re not together? He most likely does the same thing. Grab your phone and send him a brief text the next time anything makes you think of him, no matter how minor! 

If you hear a music that reminds you of him, email him a link to it along with a short text like “aah it’s us!”

Make him laugh by reminding him of an inside joke, such as emailing him a frog image with the remark, “OMG it’s that singer we heard at the pub that night!

In order to persuade him to open up about himself, ask him questions.
Texts may be used to get to know each other better. Allowing your lover to talk about himself will make him feel valued and cared for. When you initially start conversing, ask him about his day.

Then, to keep things moving, ask questions throughout the chat. Just don’t bombard him with questions all the time, otherwise it will feel like an interrogation.

Ask him about his fondest childhood experiences, future aspirations, or simply what he wants for lunch—anything to start him talking about himself. Make him uncomfortable by asking him ridiculous questions.

Request a referral from him

Make it clear that you appreciate his views. When you ask your lover to assist you in making a decision, you are subtly telling him that you think he has good taste.

Is there a more complimentary compliment than that? Just make sure you’re open to whatever he decides. If you solicit his advice and then do the opposite, he may be insulted!

For example, you may give him a photo of two shirts and ask him which one he thinks you should wear. Looking for new music to listen to? Inquire about one of his favorite albums.

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