How to make your boyfriend happy over the phone when he’s sad

When your partner is down, it might be difficult to figure precisely what he need. You may want to do everything you can to help him, but knowing what to do and how to do it might be difficult.

Fortunately, while everyone is different, there are certain tried and tested strategies you may take to make your lover grin again.

Pay attention to him

When you’re down, all you need is someone to listen. Call him and allow him unburden himself if he is upset and wants to talk about it.

Try not to interrupt and instead offer follow-up questions so he may continue talking. You may also add some words of support.

When you try to give your partner advise or solve his problems, try not to quickly go into “fix it” mentality. This might give the impression that you’re not paying attention to what they’re saying.

If he isn’t talking about it, ask him if he wants to talk about it.

Tell him that it’s acceptable to be sad

Being sad is frequently frowned upon by guys. Your partner may be embarrassed to be unhappy, but he doesn’t have to be. Tell him that his sentiments are genuine and that it’s alright to be unhappy, even if he thinks it’s ridiculous. 

Alternatively, “Allow yourself to weep, yell, or do whatever you need to. I’m not here to pass judgment on you.”

Ask him what he requires

Rather than making assumptions, ask your guy what would be helpful. It might be difficult to recognize what individuals require when they are unhappy, especially if the connection is young. Don’t be scared to ask your lover what he wants you to do—his response may surprise you. 

You may say, for example, “I’d want to offer my assistance here. What can I do to make you happy?”

Allow him some breathing room if he requires it

Guys frequently require room to absorb their feelings. If he simply requires some alone time, try to provide it, even if it is the last thing you want to do.

If you don’t want to leave him alone in the house, simply go to another room or put on headphones to drown out any sounds.  If you don’t live near each other, he could need to take a few days off. This might imply that he does not reply to your texts or phone calls. Don’t take it personally!

Send words of encouragement

If he is nervous or worried, boosting his confidence might assist. If he’s nervous or hesitant, make sure you address his sentiments first. He’ll notice that you’re concerned about his problems. Then give him a motivating pep talk. It will give him hope and calm him down.

“I know you’re nervous, but you’ve got this!”

“I know you’re scared about the test, but you worked hard to prepare.” I believe you will succeed! ‘

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