How To Text Your Boyfriend Romantically

Comforting your boyfriend in chat is a good way to maintain a healthy relationship. Another way is comforting him over phone. In this article, you are going to learn how to text your boyfriend romantically.

There’s no need to exclusively text your significant other in the morning and at night. He also needs your attention throughout the day. But, of course, we’re all too busy with our lives to give our lovers the attention they need.

Here are some romantic messages you may send throughout the day that require little effort and yield big benefits.

When You Miss Your Boyfriend, Send Him Romantic Messages

Who says you can’t miss your boyfriend just because you’re in a long-distance relationship? These romantic texts for him will show him that he means the world to you at any time of day or night!

  1. I just wanted to let you know, as usual, you’re on my thoughts.
  2. I’m taking advantage of the final few seconds of my lunch break to tell you how much I miss you!
  3. I’ve seen a million people today, but all I can think about is how soft your lips would feel against mine.
  4. It’s quite chilly today.’ I’d like a nice embrace from you.
  5. If you’re wondering whether I’m thinking about you, the answer is yes.

Romantic Messages to Show Him How Much You Value Him

Love is the essential basis that exists between two people, and what better way to show him that you love him than by giving him some romantic love messages?

  1. ‘My love for you grows stronger by the second. I simply thought you should be aware of it.’
  2. ‘Fun fact: meeting you was the finest day of my life.’
  3. ‘I just had pizza for lunch, and I want you to know that I love you more than pizza!’
  4. ‘In a sea of people, my eyes only seek you.’
  5. ‘There are a million things about you that make me happy.’

Sweet Nothings: Romantic Messages

These love text messages are sure to put a smile on his face when you just want to let him know how you feel about him without being corny!

  1. “Have I ever told you how pleased I am with you?” Have I? ‘Well, what’s the harm in saying it again?’
  2. ‘I just saw a picture of you on the internet that stole my breath away.’
  3. ‘I just realized you’re the reason I’m cracking up right now!’
  4. ‘I wish I was your office laptop simply to be closer to you.’
  5. ‘I know fairy tales come true because I have you,’ she says.

Romantic Messages for When You Want To Have Some Fun

If you have a wonderful date night planned for later in the evening and can’t wait for it, then these slightly kooky, yet sweet love words for lover will surely get him excited!

  1. ‘You appear to be working hard. I’ll assist you in unwinding when we meet later wink
  2. ‘I’m craving pizza and beer tonight.’ Want to come over?’
  3. ‘I can’t stop thinking about how I’m going to see your face later!’
  4. ‘I’ve prepared the perfect date for tonight: candles, music, and us.’
  5. ‘I’m ordering dinner for later in the evening; are you available?’

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